Partners who complement one another form a stronger partnership. At Refael-Shitruk, the partners specialize in different areas, hence, bringing in complementary strength to each assignment.

Ofer Rafael

Title: CPA Isreal

Graduation: 1990

Specialty: constructing accountancy moves, planning an accounting shield which enables businesses to grow in a controlled, organized and profitable manner. 

Motto: Focus on people. Behind every organization, company or business, there is a person, who must feel secure. Here we enter the picture, surrounding him with professionals and specialists to take care of all of his business needs. 

Management Philosophy: As a manager I believe that working under pressure around the clock is not beneficial to the firm, the professionals or the client. Therefore, I make sure that our professionals maintain balance between work and home life.

Personal: Married and father of four. He studies Talmud, Hassidus and Tanya. Loves nature, country roads and orienteering

Doron Shitruk

Title: CPA Isreal

Graduation: 1995

Specialty: financial management and business accompanying for companies, associations, and non-profit organizations. Accompanying the establishment of accounting data systems and ERP systems. Special knowledge in non-profit organizations and liquidations. Qualified by the Israeli Certified Public Accountants.

Motto: We are not an assembly line for accounting. Our clients deserve more, so we give more.

Management Philosophy: Live and let live.

Personal: married and father of 4.
Formerly a captain of the Israeli National Track and Field Team, and Israeli champion for 400-meter running. An all time athlete. Student of Chinese   Medicine at Tel-Aviv University. 
Teaches courses for CEOs of non-profit organizations at the Wingate Institute Center for Advanced Studies.   

Eran Solitzer

Title: CPA Israel
Graduation: 2004
Specialty: Audit and editing financial reports 
Moto: "Earn your reputation through hard work."
In addition: Married and father of two daughters, a previous
basketball player for Ha’poel Lev Ha’sharon.